Elizabeth Lev

Special guest

Elizabeth Lev is an American-born art historian who has, as she calls it, "the good fortune to live and work in Rome." She teaches Renaissance and Baroque Art at Duquesne University’s Italian campus. She has taught and lectured in numerous venues in Ireland, Italy, the US and Australia, including an address at the United Nations in New York, and a TED talk representing the Vatican Museums. She works as Vatican Analyst for NBC and has been featured on The Today Show, Nightline and Sixty Minutes, among other programs. Her books include "The Tigress of Forlì: The Remarkable Story of Caterina Riario Sforza de’Medici" (2011), "Roman Pilgrimage: The Station Churches" (2013) with George Weigel, "A Body for Glory: Theology of the Body in the Papal Collections" (2014) with José Granados, and the newly-released "How Catholic Art Saved the Faith: The Triumph of Beauty and Truth in Counter-Reformation Art" (2018). Lev studied art history at the University of Chicago, and completed her graduate work at the University of Bologna.

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