Episode 15

D. C. Schindler


April 5th, 2018

29 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, we sit down with D. C. Schindler, an associate professor of metaphysics and anthropology at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, and author of "Freedom From Reality: The Diabolical Character of Modern Liberty", the newest volume in the Center's book series "Catholic Ideas for a Secular World" with the University of Notre Dame Press.

Episode Links

  • Freedom From Reality: The Diabolical Character of Modern Liberty by D. C. Schindler — It is commonly observed that behind many of the political and cultural issues that we face today lies an impoverished conception of freedom, which, according to D. C. Schindler, we have inherited from the classical liberal tradition without a sufficient awareness of its implications. Freedom from Reality presents a critique of the deceptive and ultimately self-subverting character of the modern notion of freedom, retrieving an alternative view through a new interpretation of the ancient tradition. While many have critiqued the inadequacy of identifying freedom with arbitrary choice, this book seeks to penetrate to the metaphysical roots of the modern conception by going back, through an etymological study, to the original sense of freedom.
  • Author's Roundtable Discussion (YouTube) — A discussion about "Freedom From Reality: The Diabolical Character of Modern Liberty" (http://undpress.nd.edu/books/P03373) with author D. C. Schindler (John Paul II Institute), Peter Simpson (CUNY), Michael Moreland (Villanova Law), and Adam Seagrave (U. Missouri). Introduced by Patrick Deneen, Acting Director of the ND Center for Ethics and Culture.
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